Why we’re launching Smart City Futures

The term ‘smart city’ has been around for more than a decade, an esoteric subject embraced by the urban planning and tech intelligentsia who believe digital tools will make our cities better places. 

Now smart cities are accelerating into a mainstream movement, largely but not solely because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The incredible power of the digital revolution can be a force that builds American opportunity and resilience in every community. That’s what smart cities can achieve. 

The last six months have packed in a decade’s worth of digital innovation. It is now self-evident that embracing data and digital technologies — and the billions of dollars of investment that will entail — can transform the future of how we work, live and play. 

That’s why CityAge, in partnership with the BridgeTower Media group, is introducing the Smart City Futures newsletter. It’s where you will find the newest ideas and connect to virtual events to join other thought leaders of the smart city movement. You might notice we call it smart city futures, not the singular future. That’s because the nature of a smart city is so wonderfully varied. It’s not a cookie cutter concept.

It’s really up to the business and political leaders, along with a city’s citizens, to decide what their smart city will be. Will they use digital technologies to: run and build better transportation? Improve access to schools? Innovate urban planning? Use sensors to fight off floods, fires and be more resilient. Or secure and improve the food supply. Or find better ways to track a virus’ path during a pandemic? Or just make sure that everyone has the Internet, to overcome America’s digital divide of broadband’s haves and have nots?  As you can see, the smart city opportunities and investments are extensive and varied.

There is one common denominator, though. We must embrace the idea of building smart cities, or see a diminished future. Most North Americans now live in cities and suburbs, yet North America is far behind many of the world’s cities — our global competitors — in adopting these new technologies that improve productivity, livability and the innovation essential to build the future.

So, welcome to our first edition of Smart City Futures. We’ll bring you insightful interviews from people behind this important trend, news of what’s being done and profile our series of high-powered virtual events, where you can meet and connect with the leaders from here and and the world who are part of the CityAge and BridgeTower network and the smart city movement.


Miro Cernetig

Publisher & Co-Founder